Having worked on Community Projects, it became very obvious that there was no provision for Lone Parents to gain work skills in order to return to the work market, as required by the Government for those parents in receipt of benefits, hence the establishment of Opportunities.
Opportunities originally provided classes in I.T., but has now extended to provide support in developing life and employability skills, thus improving confidence and self-esteem, which all increase the opportunity of finding employment.
We now run classes in Ash, Binscombe, Ockford Ridge, (Godalming), Hale and Farnborough.  The groups work with approximately 8-10 students, supported by a tutor and support worker, so that each student is given the required help and enabled to make maximum progress.    You are mentored and supported throughout your studies.  Most classes are backed by a childcare worker.  Classes are FREE, but if you wish to make a donation to support the Project, this is very much appreciated, so that we can help further students.
We are grateful to the Hazelhurst Trust and the Wates Foundation for their funding, in order that Opportunities can deliver courses and help Lone Parents to find employment.  Thank you.